Caving lights manufacture



This lamp has 10 modes (5 different modes for each emitter) that are easy to change.

1226 lumens on flood 1226 lumens on spot, together almost 2500 lumens.

35 programs settings. Operating with rotary two way switch.

The lamp has a built in memory (when it’s switched off in any modes, the lamp will automatically default to the last used mode when switched on again).

This is caving lamp and does not produce any magnet field.

Battery autonomy better than any lamp in category,

Best quality component inside. 

Excellent for use as search and rescue, caving, hunting, canyoning and all other outdoor activities. 

The LED's are the newest CREE XP-L LED emitters in daylight white colour 5700K, other led emitters and bins available upon on request. 

The lamp has 4 red led battery status lights and temperature monitoring in highest modes @ 70 degree (this will reduce power to half if the lamp gets to hot). 

Body is CNC machined for optimal heat reduction, sandblasted, anodised black, robust design for extreme activities.

The lamp system is lightweight, lighter than other similar lamps (lamp & battery box with cells weigh only 490 grams!)

The lamp kit is full submersible to -100m rating IP69k 

for deeper diving options, contact us

The battery box is fully sealed with an O-ring fitted to the lid.

Battery pack are li-ion, electronically protected for over charge/discharge and we use 3 x 18650 cells in absolute superior quality, Samsung, Sanyo or Panasonic 3500mAh for a total output of 10500mAh!!!