Caving lights manufacture


GRINTA - small but powerful

ELSPELEO GRINTA is smalest caving light with extrem power of 1700 lumens

for caving professionals and photographers. Have simple 3 modes and very wide spot beam. 

Wide spot is caving important.You need see your feet when caving, this is difference beetween caving and sport lights. 

Grinta is wterproof for few metters but not for diving rated. (for professioal deep diving we have Lunatic model). 

Grinta use two unprotected cells 18650, hi-drain are better.

Lamp and battery box are robust crafted in anodised aluinum, o-ring sealed.

Grinta use one Luxeon V led emitter and electronic on Direct Thermal Path

Firmware regulated temperature for long life.

Grinta not need special holders or mount hardwer, use only two screws for lamp and two screws for battery box.

Back body of the lamp is curved to fit on helmet.

Lamp is lightweight, easy to wear.

Come with digtal battery charger and two unprotected hi quality cells

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