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About us

Wellcome outdoor enthusiasts!

We have over 30 years in outdoor experience including mountaineering, climbing and caving. That helped us to understand extreme demands placed on our products. In 2010 we started as small company called ELWORK and began producing caving lamps for our national speleo-comunities. We called them ELSPELEO. The company is situated in a town called Rijeka in Croatia (European Union). This year’s lamps have been tested all over the world in some of the most extreme conditions.

The lamps are crafted with the help and cooperation of cavers all over the world and some of the best Croatian cavers. They have been tested in some of the world's harshest environments from deepest, coldest, hottest, wettest and muddiest caves in the world. ELSPELEO lamps are used by some of the world's best cave photographers, professional archaeologists, geologists, professional, amateur cavers and rescue teams. Our lamps are also great for use with the new generation of helmet mounted cameras that are now being used in extreme caving expeditions. We use the latest technology and the most up to date products on the world markets to ensure that we are producing only the highest quality caving lamps. This includes everything from the batteries and all other components used in building our lamps. Every lamp we build is made to the highest standard and rigorously tested before being shipped to the customer. We produce a variety of stock lamps and also offer custom built lamps that suit all our customers and meet all their needs. If you require any further information on any of our products or services please don't hesitate to contact us at We are confident that we can find the best solution to suit your needs whatever that may be .